Husband’s Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) income was community property during the marriage, for purposes of determining whether firearms husband purchased with his FECA proceeds were community assets subject to division in marriage dissolution action; husband became disabled shortly after the marriage while working as a United States postal employee, FECA benefits compensated claimants for lost wages, loss of earning capacity and medical expenses, and husband did not demonstrate what portion of his FECA benefits, if any, constituted compensation for injury to his personal well-being.

Further, a trial court in a marriage dissolution can order child support for a disabled adult child even if a support order has not been issued prior to the child’s emancipation, as statute authorizes a court to make a child support award for a disabled adult child even if a child is over the age of majority when a petition is filed.

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One Response to Property Division – Classification Gersten v. Gersten Arizona Court of Appeals, Division 1, Department B, Nov. 17, 2009 -from ABA Journald

  1. Virginia says:

    my daughter was with someone for 14 years and broke up is there anything she can recover as far as money or merchandise he took everything and left her with nothing

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