Here’s a specific Arizona divorce question on that came from someone in Laveen:

I filled for divorce, we went through the motions of trial and such and our lawyers went back and forth preparing the final decree. In the time frame it took to draft the final decree we began spending time together, going out on dates, finding each other and now are in a much better place than we ever were. Neither of us are too interested about signing the decree and have not done so to date. So, is there a time frame in which the decree should be signed and back to the judge for his signature, and will the case just get dismissed?

Informational Answer:

If there was a trial then chances are the court either ordered one party’s counsel to prepare the final paperwork to be submitted to the court to sign. Alternatively the court would just enter the decree of dissolution on its own and the marriage would be dissolved upon the court issuing and signing the order.

If the court ordered one party’s counsel to submit a form of decree for the court to sign then they generally will give a date certain by which the proposed decree must be submitted. If the date comes and goes and no decree is submitted then the court may just dismiss the case.

The best thing to do would be for both parties to contact their respective lawyers to find out what the status is on the decree and if you both do not one prepared let them know so they can in turn inform the court that the parties wish to dismiss the case.

This answer is for informational purposes only. It is not intended, nor should it be construed as legal advice. No attorney-client relationship shall exist unless and until an agreement for legal services is reached between attorney and client, and a legal services contract is fully executed by and between attorney and client.
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