This question comes up constantly in Family Law.   At least 4-5 times a month I have consults with potential clients who either ask this exact question or tell me they “heard” that when a child turns thirteen (13) they can decide where they want to live.  I am not sure where the age of thirteen (13) comes from but my guess is either some misinformation on the internet or confusing this issue with the issue of adoption. (under the Juvenile Code a child can have some input on whether or not an adoption will occur once they reach a certain age). 


The short answer to this question is when the child turns eighteen (18) they can decide where they will live.  Before that date it is up to the parents or, in the event of a dispute, the Court.  Pursuant to A.R.S. 25-403(A)(4) the court is required to consider the wishes of a child who is “of suitable age and maturity”.  However, this is but one (1) of at least eleven (11) factors a court must consider in deciding parenting time and legal decision-making.  Obviously the Court will place more and more weight on this factor as the child moves closer and closer to age eighteen (18) but the child’s wishes are not the determining factor.  A child may not always know what is in their best interest and this can become more problematic when you have one parent who is actively trying to “coach” the child.  Typically the Court will want to hear from older children when parenting time is an issue and that is done through either an interview with Conciliation Services (a branch of the Family Court) or by using a private counselor.  Once that information is presented to the Court it must be weighed by the Court with the other ten (10) or more factors before a decision can be made.


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2 Responses to What age is a child allowed to choose who he wants to live with in AZ?

  1. Gina says:

    What if a parent beats the teen age child the child is autisitic and the childs father is unable to provide a suitable living situation? and the grandparent took care of the child until the child was 7 because the custodial parent was is prison?

  2. Amy says:

    I was divorced in AZ and have sole custody of our children and I was given permission to move out of state and have been in the state of Texas since 2010. Can you please tell me what I need to do for visitations as our child is refusing to see her parent that lives in the state of AZ. They are 12.

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